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Whatever brought you here today, it's ok to seek help or support. Talking about our lives and problems is a proven strategy that helps make positive and lasting changes in ourselves and our relationships with others and the world.

I help people understand and cope with problems, to facilitate positive changes in their lives. I provide a safe place to talk about your feelings and work through the issues affecting you. Talking helps us understand and make sense of our thoughts and feelings, it helps us develop new perspectives and coping skills. In therapy, we can learn how to better manage our stress, anxiety and depression. We can also explore relationships and work though interpersonal issues. Ultimately, this can help us to feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Free consultation

Choosing to work with a therapist can be a big step. I always offer a free initial consultation to ensure that I am the right person to help you and that there will be a good fit for effective communication.

Flexible Appointments

I work with clients in person, via video calls and by phone - whichever works best for your circumstances and preference.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can have a profound impact on a persons life. Anxiety can cause us to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and terrified, while depression make us feel hopeless, sad, and exhausted. If you are struggling know that you are not alone, there is help available. Therapy can be an extremely effective treatment for both anxiety and depression, so please reach out if you are struggling.

Confidence and Self-esteem

How you feel about yourself has a big impact on how you live your life. If you have a positive self-image and high self-esteem, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. On the other hand, if you have low self-confidence and poor self-esteem, you may hold yourself back from reaching your full potential.

Building self-confidence and self-esteem can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. When you have a healthy sense of self-worth, you’ll be more resilient in the face of setbacks, and better able to enjoy your successes. 


If you're struggling in your relationship, you're not alone. Many couples face challenges and difficulties at some point. While it's normal for relationships to go through ups and downs, it can be difficult to manage when problems persist.

Common relationship difficulties include communication, trust, jealousy, and financial stress. These problems can put a strain on even the strongest of relationships. If left unaddressed, they can lead to further conflict and resentment.


Trauma is a type of emotional damage that can occur when a person experiences a highly stressful or life-threatening event. Trauma can lead to a number of psychological issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Trauma therapy is a type of counseling that can help people heal from the emotional damage caused by trauma.

Solution Focussed Therapy

Solution Focussed Therapy (SFT) is a type of psychological therapy that is focused on finding solutions to problems, rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. This type of therapy can be used to treat a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and more.

SFT is based on the premise that everyone has the ability to find solutions to their own problems, and that the therapist can help facilitate this process. I will work with you to identify your goals and desired outcomes, and then help you find ways to achieve those goals.

SFT is a relatively short-term therapy, typically six to twelve sessions. It is a flexible therapy that can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual client.  

Working Together

When choosing a therapist, it is important to consider their credentials, experience, and approach. You want to make sure you find a therapist who is a good fit for you and your needs.

When meeting with a potential therapist, it is essential that you feel comfortable with them. You should feel like you can trust them and that they understand what you are going through. If you don't feel comfortable  you can always look for someone else.

This is why I will always provide a free initial phone consultation or video consultation.

About me

I have over 20 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy, it's something I have always been passionate about. In my late teens I completed the CRUSE bereavement volunteer training. This led me to voluntary work in HIV respite care. By my mid 20’s I’d join the NHS and complete my initial 3-year counselling foundation training whilst working across the NHS in both the mental and sexual health teams. In the NHS I set up a range of user-friendly new services and ensured that current services became more aware of the client’s emotional needs, not just their medical needs. 

In 1999 I moved to the charity sector becoming the director of Trade Sexual Health. I stayed at the helm of the agency until 2005 when I took a career break to focus on passion projects in the commercial sector.

I remained in the commercial sector for the next decade running various successful projects either under my own name or in collaboration with partner employers and agencies. In 2018 I felt a pull back to my therapeutic work so I undertook the Maytree volunteer training and began my journey back to the wonders of psychotherapy. 

In 2020 I began my private practice. Over the last two years I have worked with a variety of clients, focussing on bereavement, PTSD, ADHD, self-harm, suicides, depression, anxiety, substance and alcohol concerns, domestic violence and same sex domestic violence.I am a preferred partner for Victim Support (homicide unit) and PAM Wellbeing (Employee Assistance Program and Occupational Health). I have recently completed a diploma in Life Coaching adding an additional dimension to my practice.

Like many of the people I work with, I have faced and overcome struggles in my own life. I have sought help through therapy and I have felt the benefits of Anti-Depressant medication. I have my own lived experience and I draw on this to help me appreciate the challenges my clients face. I believe that each person holds their own answers and are the experts in their own life.

BACP is a professional body for therapists in the United Kingdom. It provides support and resources for therapists, and promotes best practice in therapy.

BACP registration is an important quality indicator and ensures your therapist is qualified, supervised and bound by a comprehensive code of ethics.

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